Annegré Bosman is a (documentary) filmmaker and photographer specialized in creating cinematic images. She has always possessed a passion for photography, travel and exploring new cultures. She is constantly searching for new challenges to keep her inspired and to teach her new things. Annegré uses her talents to raise awareness in ecological issues, social justice, animal welfare, wildlife conservation and spiritual matters.

As a photographer and filmmaker, she finds subjects such as threats to nature and injustice towards people and animals do not receive enough attention and feels they deserve much more of the limelight. Impactful photos and films are instrumental to the opening of minds and changes in attitudes and beliefs, as well as inspire people to make a difference when it comes to the world’s most pressing problems. As a visual storyteller and researcher, Bosman portrays characters in an authentic way and both her films and her photographs make their messages very clear.

Annegré is available as filmmaker, photographer, DoP and director. She has experience in multiple genres ranging from documentaries to broadcasts, theatre to corporate films and music videos to commercials.

She studied Journalism and has worked for all of the major Dutch broadcasters including NPO, RTL4 and SBS6. She has also worked with the UK broadcaster, National Geographic, and countless independent production companies and NGO’s such as the World Wide Fund for Nature, Doctors without Borders, Plan Netherlands|Nepal, African Parks, Greenpeace, A-Film, Municipality Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Free a Girl and Nature and Wildlife Conservation organizations.

She has been running her own film company for some time. She is currently partner to Pluk Media B.V. (, where she makes nature, wildlife and social mission or social missions for global sustainability films and documentaries.